To secure the future, the long term goal for the orphanage is to found its own home so as to provide quality accommodation for homeless children. At the moment we are in a small house in the city. We had just bought this house. This property belongs to the orphanage. For the future, we would like to grow vegetables, rice, milk and meat ourselves so that we don't need to depend all on the donations from the tourists.For this purpose we would like to buy a big plot of land in the country side where the basic facilities( shops, transposrt link, school, health care service and communication service) are available. So we request the people to donate money for buying land and building up there.

Other ways you can help

For people looking for other ways they can help the following small projects for which we are looking for one off donations.

- Computers

- Clothes

- Stationeries

- First aid box

The orphanage also appreciate any contribution in cash or kind including food, clothes, furniture, medicines, stationeries, cleaning supplies, etc
Hope Ful Home
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Kathmandu, Nepal
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Tel: 977-1-4362049
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Everest Bank Ltd.
New road Branch.
Kathmandu ,Nepal
Account Name : Hopeful Home
Account title : Current NPR
Account No : 00200105200184
International Swift : EVBLNPKA
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